Elephants of Carlsberg

England has Big Ben. America has Lady Liberty. France has Eiffel Tower. Denmark? She has four Carlsberg elephants. Carlsberg Breweries in Valby (Southwest of the city-center) won’t be in my travel list if Kirsten didn’t recommend it vehemently. They are so diminutive for a conglomerate of such size, and it’s easy to miss this gate. … Continue reading

In the Tivoli Gardens, a kiss…

After lunch we went to Tivoli Gardens. Though it is an amusement park, Kirsten and a lot of Danes call it a pleasure garden, which makes me flinch. It first opened in 1843 as “Tivoli & Vauxhall”, taking inspirations from the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris and the Vauxhall Gardens in London. The origin story, … Continue reading

Ny Carsberg Glytotek, Copenhagen

Today, I went to the downtown Copenhagen with Kirsten. We caught a train there since she told me that we don’t need strenuous cars to explore Copenhagen. We stopped at Central Station København (that is what they call their capital in Danish) and crossed the street to Ny Carsberg Glytotek. Perhaps the only museum in … Continue reading

A Warm Welcome from a Bavarian Wedding Cake…

Invariably dubbed ‘Fairy-Tale Castle’, ‘Dream Castle’ and ‘Swan Castle’, Neuschwanstein (which literally means “new swan stone castle”) is built through a folly of a mad Bavarian king, and immortalized by through follies of many romantics of the years that followed, which included one Walt Disney, who copied the castle for his princely fairy-tales (including Sleeping … Continue reading

The Walk of Fame

If Hollywood is the place where the dreams are made, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is where they are enshrined. Once the name given to a portion of Hollywood Boulevard in front of the famous theatre-land, now the Walk of Fame, on which is embedded more than 2,000 names of the cinema, zigzags its way … Continue reading

This Towery City, This Citadel of Knowledge…

The lady novelists of the previous century will probably begin this piece with an emotional “Last night, I dreamt I went to Oxford again.” I can’t begin a la Daphne du Maurier because I don’t dream of Oxford, nor any other place in particular. It holds various memories for me, but I just don’t dream … Continue reading

Michael Clayton

Human beings are entirely visual creatures: ninety-five percent of information we intake from our environment comes through our eyes, or so it is said. I just finished watching Michael Clayton, and can’t help noticing voices, instead of visually-pleasing sceneries. It is a George Clooney movie nominated for 7 Oscars including the Best Picture, Director, Actor … Continue reading