That Encounter, One Year On….

Yesterday, I learnt to my amazement (and subdued horror) that a friend of mine was celebrating his 1000th day together with his girlfriend. Yes, one followed by three zeros—it is not a typo. They have been together for a thousand days. By comparison, my longest relationship didn’t pass a 400-day circle. On the other hand, my shortest relationship lasted only three days (during a road trip) and ended bitterly.

As optimists will say, closing of one door signals the opening of another. It was true. As soon as I ended my shortest relationship, I embarked upon a new relationship that ultimately led to the greatest adventure I’ve ever had. It was a relationship that started with a chance encounter in one of the most improbable places to start a relationship—a theme park.

This month marks the first anniversary of that meeting. The girl I met would ultimately became my first (and hopefully last) long-distance partner, and the relationship itself was the best of my romances, and the worst of my romances, as Dickens will write. At its best, we shared so many things, at its worst, we had to bear a strenuous burdens of a long-distance relationship.

To cut a long story short, over the summer, we managed to erase the ‘long-distance’ appellation from our relationship, but our summer together ended with a classic parting of the ways moment. Now, it has been a year since our first encounter, and three months since our parting.

However, at the end of the day, love and relationships are similar to leprechauns’ gold. We try so hard to obtain one that we usually forget love is nothing but an illusion. As soon as the relationship is over, love turns into ash as a leprechaun’s gold would. But, memories linger on—the memories that you had  transient and ethereal love, as elusive as leprechauns’ gold, in your hands fill you with joy. That joy is more than a one-night stand can give you, less than a marriage can offer, but it is just the right amount for me.


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