8 things we don’t need on airliners

Commercial air travel has become so expensive that a lot of airlines have either increased their fares or cancelled some of their routes or both. Can we get to the solution of the problem with a few modifications to the existing flying conditions? Here follows eight things that the airliner of the future shouldn’t have…


Nearly every passenger sitting at the window seat is asked to open his window shade during the take-off and landing. This is a wise decision, for allowing more light into the cabin and letting the passengers and the crew aware of their surroundings is crucial. However, closing them is essentially superfluous. It helps to nullify the external light and adjusts the passengers to the changing timezones, but apart from that, the window shade does nothing. So, it must go.

Headphones, entertainment systems

No doubt the movie studios got paid thousands of dollars to show their latest films in flights flying all over the world. Actually, we are paying the airlines to enjoy those songs, radio and TV shows and movies. Yes, a long flight can be pretty boring without any entertainment, but the cabin entertainment system is a relic in an age where people don’t have their ipods, iphones, laptops and other gadgets. Headphones, personally delivered to you by the flight attendants, are also covered in plastic wraps, which lead to …


From headphones to pillows and blankets, everything is wrapped in plastics somehow. Maybe passengers think that only those under plasticized veneer are clean or worth using, but the logic is a flawed one. Airlines can just repackage those items without cleaning, just saying. So, after all, it seems like we are wasting a lot of money for something that is not even guaranteed. Maybe we need pillows and blankets for warmth, comfort or even for health reasons, but plastic wraps are just too much, and tones of plastics discarded from the planes also ruin the environment.


In long international flights, you got offered a lot of food. In domestic flights, you are ‘encouraged’ to buy them. Not many people do. The take-away is that people can do without food for short flights. However, tonnes of food are delivered to the airport tarmacs, only to be wrapped in plastic and eventually wasted.


Another thing people can buy while air are cosmetics and other products that cater to impulsive buying and people’s need to give gifts to the loved ones whom they are visiting. Perfumes, liqueurs, jewels and cosmetics may be duty-free in air, but their already-incremented price offset this taxation. Also, as with food, it wastes energy and it adds additional weight to the airplane.

Flight Attendants

In recent years, the position has been a bone of contention for feminists. Their main purpose to explain safety rules and to deliver food. Both can be substituted: first by automated messages (which already exist) and the latter by vendor machines.

First Class

Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, houses beds large enough to sleep two people. First class passengers pay more—but are they getting their money’s worth? A better legroom and gourmand food are the entices of the first class but in reality, there are no real “first class passenger” class. The Super-Rich and the celebrities fly in their own private jets. So who flew first class? Mostly, the executives who use their companies’ money for lucrative business trips. “First class passenger” class exist because First Class exists. If it doesn’t….

Private Jets

From First Class to Private Jets? ‘Is this becoming a class war?’ one may ask, but even if it is the case, it is not me who is waging this war. It is the progress of the age that is calling for abandoning of private jets. In recent years, despite high fuel prices and threat of global warmings, private jest have become so affordable (but still costs a few millions dollars). It is nothing more than an expensive toy—a toy that needs hiring experienced personals to operate.


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