On the Fifth Avenue

Depressing, Nostalgic, Stimulating–my adjectives will deplete if I describe Fifth Avenue thoroughly For the past two days, New York has been meekly trying to get on my nerves-it is deceiving me. The weather is great. The lines at the Empire State Building were shorter than I expected (yes, I am complaining that), thus depriving me … Continue reading

An Elegy for Facebook

I remember the first days of facebook. We uploaded pictures; we poured our notes and pokes into it; we started chain letters, invited each other just to access countless useless applications. In short, we were introduced to this Brave New World of our lives. For an increasingly needy and attention-seeking society, Facebook provide a life … Continue reading

It is not easy being green

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (or to less religious people like me, Leprechaun Day or Ireland Day), I listed a few culturally significant things that come into mind where thinking about the color green. The word ‘green’ originally comes from the Old English verb growan (“to grow”)–an etymology shared by German and Scandinavian languages.  Kelly Green and Leprechauns The … Continue reading

All About You Forever

  “All About You Forever.” So runs the slogan of Trinity de Cartier, one of the famed jewel house’s signature pieces. A friend of mine just got that $1,200 ring for her 23rd birthday (oh, not from me, who won’t even remember her birthday if facebook doesn’t remind me) which piqued my interest in this … Continue reading

Most Beautiful Libraries In the World

The Library of Congress The de facto national library of the United States, the Library of Congress is also the largest library in the world (by shelf-length). Although it is open to anyone, only the Supreme Court Justices, the U.S. Senators, and the President can check out books from the Library. [Among his other duties, … Continue reading

Rich and Famous: Bejeweled and Bewitched

Looking the Look and Talking the Talk: A Primer Into the Glamourous World of Jewels One important factor of being rich and famous (in short being celebrated) is based on appearing to be rich and famous–outward appearance, superficial though it may be, matters a lot. Well that is why people like my mother still have their … Continue reading

My Twitter Adventure, first few minutes…

Reader, I joined Twitter. I don’t know exactly why but I joined–jumping into that tech-bandwagon late. (Hey, better late than never.) However, my first hour at Twitter is marred with “wtf?” moments. Firstly, I learnt that none of my loser friends on my primary email carrier has Twitter accounts. To add insult to injury, my … Continue reading

The Greatest Predictors of the Future, Part I

Although I am not a believer in this spiritual hocus-pocus, these ten people no doubt left their mark on history:  The Oracle at Delphi The most important oracle in the classical Greek world, the Oracle at Delphi is the major shrine for Apollo, who he slew Python (God of the Naval of the Earth) on that … Continue reading

Top 10 Astronomers

Sic itur ad astra: To commemorate the Kepler mission, NASA’s first mission to search for worlds that could potentially host life, here is a post about the greatest astronomers in history, chronologically:    Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)  An alchemist and an astronomer, Tycho Brahe known more for the sheer volume of his observations than for his discoveries. Being a Danish nobleman, he had … Continue reading