My Twitter Adventure, first few minutes…

Reader, I joined Twitter. I don’t know exactly why but I joined–jumping into that tech-bandwagon late. (Hey, better late than never.) However, my first hour at Twitter is marred with “wtf?” moments.

Firstly, I learnt that none of my loser friends on my primary email carrier has Twitter accounts. To add insult to injury, my secondary (and vastly expanded) email carrier is not listed, and there is no way (at least not easy or easily accessible ones) to add your facebook friends–just great, just apt, just right.

Then, Twitter offered me its menu–its a la carte choices for me to follow. I don’t know how they randomize the choices or how they recommend different Tweets to different demographics but their recommendations to me include Tweets of once popular (but perennially obnoxious) Britney Spears (along with those of two not-at-all-famous singers, both female–I think I see a trend there), a Dell computer repairshop (because only thing Dell users need are repairshops), JetBlue airways (because its channel is more useful to Twitter than that of Chesley Sullenberger), an unknown writer, someone from Slate (the only one I care to follow in Slate may be Elliot Spitzer, but that has nothing to do with his writing abilities) and last but not least, BBC Click. Yes, not the news website BBC but the small, marginally informational IT-show on it.

I gave up, and tried to add Tweets to follow. I added No.10 Downing Street Tweet, because I thought their Tweets will be more informational than those from three female singers whose combined IQ score is probably less than what I paid for my last pair of shoes. However, I may be in the minority in that line of thought.

A grim happenstance dawned upon me as soon as I clicked on “Follow” to No.10 Downing Street Tweet. I received an instant email saying, you have one follower! And guess what, that follower is No.10 Downing Street. What sort of government follows its citizens? I don’t know but this No.10 Downing Street Tweet, which claims to be the official twitter channel for HM’s First Minister apparently follows 182,247 citizens. Somewhere, George Orwell is smiling smugly.


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