All About You Forever



“All About You Forever.” So runs the slogan of Trinity de Cartier, one of the famed jewel house’s signature pieces. A friend of mine just got that $1,200 ring for her 23rd birthday (oh, not from me, who won’t even remember her birthday if facebook doesn’t remind me) which piqued my interest in this pinnacle of jewels.  

Made from three bands (white gold, rose gold, yellow gold), each band of the uncomfortable looking ring represents friendship, love and fidelity according to its creator, French artisan Jean Cocteau. Cocteau, who also popularized the ring by gifting many copies to his friends extravagantly, was inspired by the rings of Saturn and Russian traditional marriage rings, but Trinity de Cartier’s significance has moved on from martial scene.  

[Of course, when thinking about a wedding band, a three-band entwined ring is the first thing that come into one’s mind. This reminds me of the quote, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” by Princess Diana, who once also was a proud owner of Trinity de Cartier.] 

The Trinity ring was introduced in 1924 but it remains one of the most enduring symbols of creativity, timelessness and elegance.  

To buy or to gawk at Trinity de Cartier, go to 


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