Don't get that excited.

I am a social liberal, but this morning’s Sotomayor nomination riled me up. Firstly, the nomination continues the recent political trend to nominate judges who are far removed from the actual governing. The best courts had at least one legislator–Sandra Day O’Connor, Hugo Black, Abe Fortas, Earl Warren, etc. The nomination of a female, colored … Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Elitism

That famous socialite LeonoreĀ Annenberg had to resign her post as the White House protocol chief after curtsying to visiting Prince Charles. Michelle Obama was praised for breaching the protocol and touching Her Majesty, while her husband was demonized for bowing to the Saudi King. For a country that gained its independence by deposing a king … Continue reading

Terra Australis Incognita

The Southern Unknown Land–that was how Australia was known (along with Botany Bay and New South Wales) collectively before some Scottish busybody (Governor Lachlan Macquarie) popularized the current name in the early nineteenth century. I knew that–but we know surprisingly little about Australia and Australians, except the fact of course that they have weird animals … Continue reading