The Purple Menace: Barney the Communist Dinosaur

Communism will never destroy America. But as Generation Barney matures, we look back at the dangerous legacy of communism’s top entertainer. Throughout the 20th century, popular entertainment was never just that. Thanks to the Legion of Decency, a kiss was never just a kiss, and a knowing smile had deeper meanings in the early part … Continue reading

The Tale of Two Deaths

Twin obituaries to a generation’s face, and its voice — by someone who doesn’t belong to that generation. Yesterday, I started to write this obituary of Farrah Fawcett. For an actress who made her name during one season of a popular TV show, Farrah’s shadow was long and her stride bold. I didn’t have that … Continue reading

OMG, Omegle…!

In the age of ‘Net, moral degradation can come from anonymity and privacy. I report from that last frontier. Last week, a friend sent me a link about, an online chat website which pick ‘another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each’ anonymously, according to their website. Omegle has an entry … Continue reading

Up: Pixar's Wonderful life

Their latest offering is part farcical, part tragic. It is a story only Pixar can make so appealing. It is a long overdue movie from Pixar. They have conquered land, sea and space. Their latest hit—succinctly titled Up—soared into air and certainly lived up to the expectations. Although it didn’t break the milestones set by … Continue reading

Democracy's loss is our gain…

A Machiavellian Primer: How we will lose the battle and win the war in Iran American people don’t vote in large numbers; turnouts are depressingly low. It may be a collective action problem, but the Americans just don’t have to vote in numbers. They know their country is in good shape, and they know—so does Gallup—that … Continue reading