A Temporary Transition

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Let's walk in the Space (Park)

I lived near the Metro-station called VDNH (or as they would write in Cyrillic: ВДНХ) – and it stands for the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy (an oxymoron, if there is one), whose exhibits probably included the products (or lack thereof) of the Soviet collective farms. The palatial rocket thing I can … Continue reading

First Day and First Night

I slept for twelve hours last night—it is the most sleep I had probably a year. There is very little to do without Internet. So I woke up this morning unnaturally early (read: nine o’clock) which is probably when I will have to wake up every morning now that my lodgings are 50 minutes away … Continue reading

A Room with a Vue

I am living with a 60-year old lady, who perfectly fits the babushka description I had in mind since I first heard about her.  Her description communicated by the program also said she is a great cook, but it is not showing yet. My room is not as big as the one I had at … Continue reading

Tales about Sheremetevo

Someone was to pick me up from the Sheremetevo airport (see the previous post) but that person wasn’t there. So, I had to call the university. The trouble was there were no courtesy phones inside the terminal. So I marched right to the information booth and asked insistence. The girl there was willing to help but … Continue reading

Mother Russia awaits me

We touched down. This being Russia, after a short delay, our airplane doors were open from the outside by a fat woman in the military uniform. So many stereotypes rolled into one. Instead of the tunnel things that lead into the airport, we were greeted by buses. So, we have to descend onto the tarmac … Continue reading

At least it flew…

From Warsaw to Moscow, I had to fly Russian national carrier, Aeroflot. It was a bad experience from the beginning. Aeroflot didn’t allow other airlines to print their boarding passes online. They could not be printed in any other city than the city you were actually traveling from either. They just didn’t want anyone to … Continue reading

That's A LOT of Polish People

When was the last time you paid attention when the flight attendants were explaining safety procedures? Yeah, right. After a while (read: two seconds), you zoned out back to your own autopilot (that is likely how the phrase came about). Today, I flew the Polish Airline, LOT, for the first time, and their safety procedure … Continue reading

From O'Hare to Eternity

I do not need to waste my words here. Everyone knows (and stats confirm) that Chicago O’Hare is the worst airport in the United States. Luggage is frequently lost, and flights are routinely delayed. This time, my arriving plane was about five minutes early and had to wait on the tarmac because no gate was … Continue reading

Death comes at the end

The rich and the famous take their August recesses to Nantucket, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Thus Boston is usually the place to be in the late August, but this year? Not so much. President Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, which made the security on the island extremely tight. So, this year, I decided … Continue reading