A Room with a Vue

I am living with a 60-year old lady, who perfectly fits the babushka description I had in mind since I first heard about her.  Her description communicated by the program also said she is a great cook, but it is not showing yet.

My room is not as big as the one I had at home, but as dormrooms or boarding rooms go, it is a real Oxford-sized one: I have a wardrobe, a dressing table, a TV stand (sans television), a chest of drawers, several bookcases (full of inaccessible Russian books), a table.

My pillow and bed are uncomfortable, but I have six chairs. Yes, six! Enough to play musical chairs. The room is pretty specious even with six chairs (my laundry basket sits on one).It is intemperate though: the sun shining brightly into it whenever it is shining, and when it is not, it is a little chilly.  However, the room (on the eighth floor) commends a wonderful view, with a Soviet style hotel to one side and a highway, a palatial rocket monument and the metro-station to the other.

The hotel, named KOCMOC (Cosmos), had been built with French help and the huge badass statute of Charles de Gaulle on the square right in front of the hotel acknowledged this charity. Even in France, they don’t have such statues; being aesthetically superior, the French usually turn squares into pyramids, not statute parks.

I have only one adapter for those Russian plugs so managing my phone (which has no service, but it has been my alarm-clock for months and I am keeping it that way), computer and camera turns into a lengthy affair. But it is 220V here so they probably charge twice as fast.


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