First Day and First Night

I slept for twelve hours last night—it is the most sleep I had probably a year. There is very little to do without Internet. So I woke up this morning unnaturally early (read: nine o’clock) which is probably when I will have to wake up every morning now that my lodgings are 50 minutes away from the university.

My host doesn’t really speak English, but knows English words. My conversations with her had been a single word mutterings: da, nyet, spasibo (thanks), voda (water), etc. She tried to teach me some Russia, Cro-Magnon style: “khleb – bread”, “ikra – caviar”, etc. which I promptly forget the next minute. Also, she insists on saying some German now that she knows I know German. So, it is brot (bread), kase (cheese), dursche (shower), which is downright confusing because I had earlier assumed that these terms are the same in German and Russia.

So this morning, she showed me around—the bank, the ATM machines, the moneychangers, the metro, etc.  The metro is supposed to be an institution with the gilded ceilings and exorbitant Soviet artworks in Moscow, but the station closed to my apartment is quite a small, smelly one. Imagine the New York metro, with small shops instead bums and jazz-players.

Moscow being the largest city in Europe, the metro system is busy; there are long lines for the tickets. She bought me a five-ride ticket for tomorrow, when my orientation starts at the Academy and when I will post this onto my blog.


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