From O'Hare to Eternity

I do not need to waste my words here. Everyone knows (and stats confirm) that Chicago O’Hare is the worst airport in the United States. Luggage is frequently lost, and flights are routinely delayed.

This time, my arriving plane was about five minutes early and had to wait on the tarmac because no gate was open. My departing plane was grounded for thirty minutes for some navigational mishap. And in between, I got lost.

My friends complain at lot about Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport’s confusing terminals, but it is nothing compared to O’Hare. Inside O’Hare, even signs were misleading. I was to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5 (International Terminal) and two different signs showed two different directions on how to get to Terminal 5. Also those inconsistent signs were always disappearing and reappearing here and there.

The shuttle that connects terminals was also outside the security check parameter, which meant that I had to be subjected again to a security check. There, they thought my Empire State building figurine was a knife so I was delayed for good five minutes. Only after this lengthy obstacle course, I arrived at my boarding gate. There they didn’t board the plane row by row as they should, leading to the most chaotic boarding experience ever, with all passengers simultaneously stuffing their luggage in all directions.


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