That's A LOT of Polish People

When was the last time you paid attention when the flight attendants were explaining safety procedures? Yeah, right. After a while (read: two seconds), you zoned out back to your own autopilot (that is likely how the phrase came about).

Today, I flew the Polish Airline, LOT, for the first time, and their safety procedure video was sure effective. It was an animation which was rudimentary, but not without charms. They repeated the video twice (in Polish and English) and I watched it both times, which is saying something since I have the attention span shorter than Ursain Bolt’s 100m record.

Cartoons seem to be the leitmotif of LOT: for the better part of the Transatlantic journey, they showed Donald Duck shorts (when they are not showing Star Trek). I went to sleep and woke up to find my breakfast right in front of me. I appreciate the gesture, but it is a touch unusual.

If the airline was quirky, so were its passengers too. The flight from Chicago to Warsaw was packed full of Polish people and they all clapped and applauded when the plane landed in Warsaw. Maybe it is just some Polish thing.


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