The Dubai Diatribes

Travelling with one’s mother is always a pain, but when it is someone like my mother, it tests a saint’s tolerance. Although perfectly reasonable human being at normal times, she metamorphoses into one of those creatures who demands that the world adepts around her when she travels, instead of even trying a little to do … Continue reading

This Magical Decade

If a pantheon of human culture by decade is ever assembled, the mannequin for the ‘00s will be listening to an iPod and reading Harry Potter. In a decade when our technology caught up with our imaginations and escapism (Lord of the Rings, Transformers and many a vampire movie would have been impossible to direct … Continue reading

Copenhagen: Still Going, Still Failing

First things first. Today, I met someone from Diane von Furstenberg’s eponymous company. He talked eloquently about Diane’s Manhattan project–a 3,250 sq m office complex in the Manhattan meatpacking district. It is heated in winter and cooled in summer geothermally by 13C water pumped from underground. According to his fancy presentation, its roof is covered … Continue reading

Copenhagen Unravelling

Last week, upon hearing that I will be in Copenhagen for the conference, a professor of mine said, enjoy the history being made in front of my own eyes. A week on, the scene here looks like history unravelling right before our eyes. Outside the Bella Centre is chaos, a picture right out of a … Continue reading

Climate Change We Can Believe In…

Security is really random around here. i didn’t get into some events half of the time, although my pass indicates that I should have. Danish police, who I found to be really helpful during my previous visits, are being overwhelmed. They had been put under enough tension to be like a caged animal repeated being … Continue reading

Copenhagen Blues

I had been in Copenhagen for past five days—yes, for the climate change conference, blah blah blah. So far, it had not been very eventful—I mean, for me. Yes, yes, there were many events and many eventful incidents, but as a nobody (a mere observer) there I see very little action. When I arrived here, … Continue reading