A Faceted World

We can’t agree on everything but now, we don’t agree on anything. We don’t agree on our origins, we don’t agree on our boundaries. We don’t agree on who broke global climate and global economy nor on who should pay for these. We–at least the Americans–don’t agree on healthcare nor on anything at all. I … Continue reading

Die Luft der Freiheit

My parents–especially my mom whose own experience at St. Hilda I might someday recount–were not particularly thrilled at me refusing to apply to Oxford, nor at the prospects of paying for a 4-year education. In England, you spend only three years at university and there are even plans to curtail it further–which is jolly sound … Continue reading

Moscow: Overview

So I left Moscow for the next leg of my travels about two weeks ago, and everyone had been asking how Moscow had been. After futilely explaining for the umpteenth time, I decided to write up a short three-minute overview, and here it is: Moscow as a city exceeded my expectations—friends and family told me … Continue reading