Reading Proust via Google

New York Times testdrove Google Translate and is very much taken by it. Being a multilingual person who sometimes rely on Google Translate, I decided that I might try it too. And here it is: For French, New York Times did it with Le Petit Prince, which is something you would give a 2nd grader … Continue reading

MadLibs News

Let’s play a game of MadLibs, shall we? [Adjective] [Small Object] found under [Person]‘s [Noun]. If you said: ‘Half-eaten’, ‘chocolate’, ‘student’, ‘bed’, congratulations! You have accurately described the conditions under my bed. If you said: ‘Hitler’, ‘Mustache’, ‘Obama’, ‘Nose’, you are either too conservative or have been seeing too much Fox News. If you said: ‘Buddhist’, … Continue reading

Enclosed Gardens, Sealed Up Fountains

This is the Special Fees Season, the time of year when Stanford student groups decided that there is no better way to honor the Founders and all long-suffering parents than to ask them for a little more. So out came the alms bowls, and students would peer-pressure others through facebook, email lists and chat programs … Continue reading