MadLibs News

Let’s play a game of MadLibs, shall we? [Adjective] [Small Object] found under [Person]‘s [Noun].

If you said: ‘Half-eaten’, ‘chocolate’, ‘student’, ‘bed’, congratulations! You have accurately described the conditions under my bed.

If you said: ‘Hitler’, ‘Mustache’, ‘Obama’, ‘Nose’, you are either too conservative or have been seeing too much Fox News.

If you said: ‘Buddhist’, ‘Flower’, ‘Nun’, ‘Washing-Machine’, you end up with the week’s most ridiculous news-story ever: here.

When I first read this, my initial reaction is to check the calendar and see whether it is April the First. My second reaction is confusion, followed by electric shock as I was struck by lightning for my sacrilegious doubts.  Seriously though, I am actually doing laundry today, and when I find white fluffy stuff under the washing machine, I will know exactly what it is.



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