What A Real Carbon Tax Should Look Like

I am all for finding solutions for the climate change, but last time I had to buy my textbooks, I did the most sensible thing: I went online to Amazon, despite there being a bookstore five minutes down the street. Thus, the books got shipped from New York (or Timbuktu for all I care); I … Continue reading

The Fight is Now But the Place is Where?

If I am going to see one more polar bear I am going to shoot it. I don’t know how many of books and documentaries on the climate change are produced every year, but with every passing one, I become more convinced that we are fighting the wrong fight. A good number of these documentaries … Continue reading

Reading Proust via Google

New York Times testdrove Google Translate and is very much taken by it. Being a multilingual person who sometimes rely on Google Translate, I decided that I might try it too. And here it is: For French, New York Times did it with Le Petit Prince, which is something you would give a 2nd grader … Continue reading

MadLibs News

Let’s play a game of MadLibs, shall we? [Adjective] [Small Object] found under [Person]‘s [Noun]. If you said: ‘Half-eaten’, ‘chocolate’, ‘student’, ‘bed’, congratulations! You have accurately described the conditions under my bed. If you said: ‘Hitler’, ‘Mustache’, ‘Obama’, ‘Nose’, you are either too conservative or have been seeing too much Fox News. If you said: ‘Buddhist’, … Continue reading

Enclosed Gardens, Sealed Up Fountains

This is the Special Fees Season, the time of year when Stanford student groups decided that there is no better way to honor the Founders and all long-suffering parents than to ask them for a little more. So out came the alms bowls, and students would peer-pressure others through facebook, email lists and chat programs … Continue reading

The Twiggy-Sidibe Paradox

Americans are hypocritical about a lot of things. People in general are hypocritical about a lot of things, but one thing Americans are hypocritical about that is not an issue in Europe is weight/anoexia. A few week ago, I read this amazing article whose one line thesis is “models are powerful, professional women just like … Continue reading

Britain's Fall and America Ascendant

This morning I read two excellent articles, one by Piers Brandon in the New York Times and the other by Adrian Hamilton in the Independent. Both talk about the collapse of empires, and both even quoted the same Dean Acheson quote: “Britain has lost an empire but has failed to find a role.” That sent … Continue reading

McQ is eternal

It came as a shock. McQ is dead? This morning I (and the entire fashion world which were assembling at the Bryant Park for the NY Fashion Week) woke up to the news that Alexander McQueen, the famed British fashion designer–an oxymoron before McQ came along–is dead. Over the past few years, a lot of … Continue reading

Beer and Loathing in Belgium

You get a lot of funny/interesting articles into your inbox when you are in college–and yesterday, someone sent me a link to a Washington Post article about beer. Normally I don’t enjoy beer much–its thick wheat content usually chokes me or at least caused some indigestion, an unfortunate result of drinking a little too much … Continue reading

If Cartier-Bresson were Asian

One hilarious consequence of living in a famous place is that tourists come and gawk at it for no end. I once remember living in a house which could be called kitsch, and almost every week we would see some people trying to photograph it secretly, although we never prohibited taking photos. (Far from it, … Continue reading