The Empire Calling…

There is one thing politicians always make point about: our (or their) legacy. No matter what the issue is from immigration to global warming, he lingering questions on our legacy hovers above every decision. Then answer this: do you want to leave your children a calm peaceful world ruled by 20+ superpowers, or a clamouring and noisy world divided into nearly 300 independent states not so different from feudal liege system? The answer is probably easy, but the execution isn’t.

The Empire calls.

Our current paths in pacifist appeasements, EU enlargements, the rise of China won’t lead to a peaceful transition into this new Imperial Age. We must take some actions now. Why? Because our world is …

(1) Colonialism, Redefined

(2) The Troubled Present

(3) ….through the lens of the past…

(4) The Tragedy of African Commons

(5) Opium Wars


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